Hi, I'm John. Nice to "e-meet" you. You may be wondering, "who's the guy behind the camera" or "who's this guy that's going to be hanging with me on my wedding day". Well let me tell you, I'm an easy going, music loving, all around nerd. If you love to chat over a nice cup of coffee all you have to talk about is music, videogames, or anime and I'm there. :p

I have a wonderful family with my wife of 4 years and 2 wonderful children and they are the drive behind everything I do. Speaking of what I do, my approach to every couple is authentic and genuine love towards your special day. Photos mean so much more than just snapping a shot and if you don't feel loved after a session with me then I haven't done my best. I want to feel like a close friend, someone you can share a very special moment with, and then when you do share this moment with me I'll capture it. When we have this type of connection it becomes trust, security, and fun on your wedding day and that's what I bring to every single couple.