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Penny & Robert's Dumbo Engagement

Summer days recently have be blazing hot. I'm sure it's nothing new for Penny hailing from Georgia however Robert and I were at our ends wit. We had a great time regardless of the sun beating down on us and this lovely couple go amazing shots in. Check them out below!

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Katrina & Zachary's Belvedere Castle Engagement

Zachary planned a lovely trip to NYC for memorial day weekend. Little did Katrina know that he would be popping the question! I enjoy capturing these special moments and love how even in a busy city like NYC the focus is still clearly on the couple! These are just a few of the wonderful shots from their engagement session!

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Leanna & Ryan's Winter Wonderland Couple Portraits

This beautiful Maryland couple traveled to New York City to visit friends and ended up taking beautiful couple portraits. Just as their session began beautiful fluffy snow began to fall. The aftermath was more than they were expecting. Here are a couple of moments from their shoot!

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Yuki & Eduardo's Brazilian Getaway Surprise Engagement

Eduardo planned a special getaway for him and his girlfriend to visit New York City for the New Years and also Boston soon after. Spending time in New York around the new year is very momentous and very romantic. This is when Eduardo gets in touch with me to let me know that he wanted to surprise her with a sweet engagement! To set the stage we visited Central Park.

After a bit of walking he popped the question! The emotion and love felt between this couple shows in every moment of the photos captures. I had so much fun being a part of this proposal! Take a look at their special moment below!

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Chelsea & Quentin's Central Park Engagement

Nothing but stellar shots on this shoot. Chelsea & Quentin were a dream to hang out with and I had a really good time exploring Central Park. To make a long story short Quentin from Wales and Chelsea from Vermont was a meeting destined by the heavens. They'll be getting married this September. Here are a couple of the shots from the engagement session!

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Jessica & Rob's Jersey Boat House Engagement

I had a super fun time last weekend shooting with Jessica & Rob. Both graphic designers, Jessica & Rob met at Rutgers and that was all she wrote. 4+ years strong this couple naturally posed with each other and it was obvious how much love was there. Oh, and should I mention talk of Game of Thrones and band geekdom. What more could you ask for?!?! Check out the great shots here!

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